ERAC – Get ready to book now!

Dear all,

ERAC takes place from 18-21 May 2023 on the island of Ischia – a ferry/ boat trip from Naples.

We will stay at the Hotel Apollon in the Miramare Sea Resort & Spa  //

The following rooms are available (3 nights):

  • Standard double room 420€ per person 
  • Superior double room 480€ per person 
  • Single room 540€

The room fee will be collected by the hotel and includes breakfast – light lunch and dinner ( with wine included) and gala dinner. Furthermore, the hotel is situated in a thermal water park and access to all 9 pools is included. 

Further we will take 25€ conference fee. That will be collected on-site by AAItaly. 

There will be a study tour after the conference for 1, 2 or 3 days. Details to follow soon.

To register for ERAC, please send an email to with your room choice and the person you want to share the room with.

If you have any questions, please let us know.

Foto von Samuel C. auf Unsplash

World CleanUp Day 2022


It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of our dear friend, supporter and mentor Arnould de la Boulaye.

Arnould was an example of dedication, perseverance and total commitment to defend causes he deeply believed in. Many of us had the privilege of working closely with him on a variety of projects and observe that his prime goal was to serve others, build paths of collaboration and fight for ambitious goals that would make ours a Better World.

One of the causes he treasured throughout his life was AIESEC. Having been President of AIESEC-France while a student, Arnould maintained both the spirit and the objectives of the Association alive all through his personal and professional lives. His consistent aim was to help others and he reflected this by the numerous persons he mentored, by the various start-ups he helped launch, by the support he offered those seeking counsel while consistently doing so on a selfless voluntary basis.

Doubtless he was the Founder and creator of the AIESEC Fund, an initiative which he saw as a potential vehicle to fundraise and thus generate funds to finance AIESEC initiatives, whether generated by the Student or the Alumni bodies. He fought to launch this ambitious project because he deeply believed that it would fulfil the Association’s goal of “Peace and Fulfilment of Humankind’s Potential”.

Arnould was the prime example of an AIESECer. He took the Association’s purpose and goals from his student days till the day of his death. He leaves great memories in those who had the pleasure and honour of knowing him. He will be remembered as someone dedicated, committed, persevering and always having the service of others as his prime objective. He embraced the concept that “AIESEC is for Life”.

May he rest in Peace.

Words by Victor Loewenstein


StepUp 2022

Support to Ukraine

Here we have some actions you can take to help: 
We are not responsible for the content issued by the organizations mentioned above, media, and broadcast channels outside our association; however, we encourage you to keep yourself informed and analyze if the information to read is from a reliable source. Also, remember to contrast the news for a complete perspective and stay in touch with your alumni association to learn about more initiatives and ways to help. 

📌 Keep yourself informed from verified and unbiased news sources:
UN News: //
Kyiv Independent: //
Hromadske International: //
BBC News: // 

📌 Make donations to help with resources, check on verified donations for relief:
Support Ukrainian Children fighting cancer: //
The Red Cross ICRC: //
UNICEF Ukraine: // 

📌 Find a place to stay as a refugee:

📌 Real ways to support Ukraine:

From AAI Newsletter, Call To Action, 7th April 2022



In 1948, a group of visionary people from different countries came together to create and promote actions for peace and fulfillment of humankind’s potential. And that’s how AIESEC was born!

In Europe, we are now going through challenging times of crisis. In the unfortunate context of the war in Ukraine, we have decided to get back to basics and to redesign the agenda of ERAC on LEADING FOR PEACE.

AIESEC Alumni are change agents, leaders in their countries, businesses, and communities. It is time to come together and build solutions for a better shared future, based on AIESEC values – peace, collaboration, respect, and intercultural understanding.

Join us at ERAC, between 26 -29 May, in Bucharest and be part of the most important mission for all of us: LEADING FOR PEACE.

We aim to:

– Promote solutions for interpersonal conflict management

– Elaborate ideas and projects for a better common future

– Achieve results, tangible contributions to take back home

– Collaborate on international projects

– Elevate our joint response to the global challenges.

We welcome all AIESEC Alumni who believe in the unique power and potential of our Global Community.

Register now and join us at ERAC 2022!


We stand for Peace

For many of us here at the board of AIESEC Alumni Europe the fall of the iron curtain in 1989 was the moment which enabled us to live the free life we live today. The vision of AIESEC, the organization we cherish so much as Alumni, is ‘Peace and Fulfillment of Humankind’s Potential’.

War and violence are never the path to achieve anything but destruction. The suffering, the loss of life caused by this war makes us feel extremely sad, helpless and our hearts hurt seeing what is unfolding on our European continent.

We feel extremely worried by the now real possibility of the iron curtain to reappear.

We are not powerless. Peace is the basis to fulfill humankind’s potential, and this is what we all need to stand up for. Our thoughts are with all the people who suffer so much under this war.

We ask you to support AIESECers and Alumni in Ukraine.
We ask you to stay connected with AIESECers and alumni in Russia.

Only with open communication, we can hope to build bridges and bring everyone back to the table.

The Board of AIESEC Alumni Europe

Christiane Stein * Irma Bejdic * Katarina Korenkova * Jean Paul Kenmoe * Jude Ahor * Michael Illert

StepUp 2021

Register here: //


APPLY NOW for the AAE Board 2021/2023

Application Link: //

Common requirements for all board positions:

  • Passion and vision for AIESEC Alumni
  • AIESEC experience
  • Ability to travel to three AAE meetings per year
VP Finance 
– Annual budget: Creation and Control
– Invoicing of fee share agreements
– Be informed about AAE activities, know financial implications
– Offer advice to other board members on finance related matters
– Auditors
– Management of bank account & reimbursement of expenses
– Experience of AIESEC Alumni Management
– Accounting know-how
– Risk averse  
VP Communications 
– Create Communication Strategy
– Management of Social Media channels & website
– Logo and Marketing Materials
– Collect input from board for publication
– Run communication campaigns
– Gatekeeper for outside AAE communication
– Lead the communication team
– Strong communication skills
– Outgoing, open personality
– Team leading
VP NAA Growth 
– Inform about status of NAAs and suggest actions
– Organisation of monthly NAA call
– Collect and share best practices
– Regular bilateral calls to NAAs and communities
– Development and maintenance of “NAA Start-up package”
– Management of communication details to NAAs and communities
– Keeping track of events of NAAs and communities
– Collect and calculate KPIs
– Lead the team of regional managers
– Strong communication skills
– Outgoing, open personality
– Team leading
VP Tech 
– Setting AAE’s IT systems up for success
– Make agreements with IT suppliers for NGOs (Microsoft, LinkedIn, Zoom, …)
– Administer web sites, WordPress, email/ lists…
– Define templates and good practices for our NAAs
– Knowledge Management
– Energy and passion for AIESEC Alumni
– Technical skills: Understanding of WordPress, Web hosted server management or willing to acquire these skills via online training (paid by AAE)
– Communicate templates and products
– Ability to allocate time for calls if needed
VP Programmes 
– Run AAE’s most prominent programmes: Alumni Theme Programme, Alumni Talks, Conferences and Mentoring
– Develop and implement long-term goals and objectives to achieve the successful outcome
– Supervise the programmes by providing direction, input and feedback
– Oversee the collection and maintenance of records of the programmes
– Report evaluation findings to the stakeholders and recommend changes to enhance the programmes as appropriate
– Keep an open mind for other international alumni programmes
– Connect NAAs who run similar programmes and facilitate best practice sharing
– Share experiences with regional programmes managers worldwide
– Lead a team of programme managers
– Communication skills
– Outgoing personality
– Skilful use of program management tools
– Structured working methods
– Ability to allocate time for calls if needed
– Team Leading
VP Human Resources 
– Design application process for management team and board
– Search new talent for AAE projects, management team, board
– Take care of onboarding and teambuilding activities
– Share AIESEC Alumni vision and passion
– Strong communication skills
– Outgoing, open personality
VP Joker?! 
What area would you like to run?   
– Strong communication skills
– Outgoing, open personality
– Skills in desired field

VIRTUAL EUROPEAN CONGRESS 2021 – Agenda and Registration

Virtual European Conference 2021 Banner

Are you ready for the new Virtual European Congress that is taking place on May 15th 2021?

We have to meet again online but we are happy because it means more people can join to still share the great information that through AIESEC Alumni we can have to enrich our lifestyle and our careers.

The V-E-Co 2021 will last only one afternoon but it will be rich of great content and information about the future of the organization and what is the goal for the next years. Not miss it and come to be a part of this great event!

You can register here: V-E-Co Registration for participants and show up on Saturday May 15th at 14.00 (CET).

And now, here is the agenda for the congress:

Everything is clear? If you have any question write to

Contribute to V-E-Co / Suggested Amount 10€


VIRTUAL EUROPEAN CONGRESS – Agenda and Registration

If you have already Saved the Date, you will probably want to know how to register for the Virtual European Congress of November 21st and 22nd, 2020 and what the agenda is.

And we are here to give you all the information.

If you are an AIESEC Alumni you can register here: V-E-Co Registration for participants and show up on Saturday November 21st at 14.00

If you are an NAA Leader, you can participate also in the Legislation and Election Session on Sunday and for this you to register also here (exactly you have to register two times): V-E-Co NAA Leader Registration

And now, here is the agenda for the congress:

Agenda 2020

Everything is clear? If you have any question write to

Contribute to V-E-Co / Suggested Amount 10€


Cleanup day in Brussels-Schaerbeek – Interview to Jan Peeters

No matter how complicated this year was, AIESEC Alumni is not stopping its activities toward the well being of the earth. One of the main international activities organized in this area is the World Cleanup Day, the annual event where individuals gather for one day all over the globe to pick up trash and get rid of unwanted waste in public places. Last year this one-day-event united around 20 million people in 180 countries!

In 2020 the pandemic slowed us down, but in Brussels-Schaerbeek the World Cleanup Day took place in complete respect to the pandemic safety regulations and we are glad to link you to the interview that Krisztina Kapuvari did to Jan Peeters, from the board of AIESEC Alumni in Belgium to let us know more about the organiser’s perspective.

Read the article: Cleanup day in Brussels-Schaerbeek by AIESEC Alumni


Even if we are not able to travel, we can still meet and learn during the V-E-Co , the Virtual European Congress that will take place online on November 21st and 22nd, 2020.

We will have the opportunity to talk about what each National AIESEC Alumni entity is doing and what we have done and will be doing at European Level.

Agenda will be communicated shortly but in the meanwhile: