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ERAC Workshops open for registrations

We have decided on the ERAC workshops and you can now sign up for one of them:

Sina Mehl – Tackle your problems by doing (almost) NOTHING
Dieter Langenecker – You Are More Than You Think You Are – Living A Life You Love
Albin Bankuti – How to apply for and get a job in the Digital Age
Matúš Horváth – Know yourself/ Self Awareness
Sergio Razo / Gábor Cséffalvay / Johannes Koehn -Holistic Well-Being and Consciousness with FirstBeat device


For the conference itself, you can register here: //


Join the adventure of ERAC 2019 in Moravia (Czech Republic)

Everyone of us misses those days from our AIESEC past. We want to share and we still like to network. We have an amazing opportunity for you to feel again the spirit of AIESEC conferences, where you will have a possibility to get to know alumni from all across Europe and the world, work on your personal development and share your wisdom. All in all, you will have a great time with your old and new friends. Bring your families so also your partner and kids can have an adventure. This conference agenda will hold adventures for everybody with different tracks, personal development workshops and interesting activities in Moravia!


Dates:  25 April 2019 – 28 April 2019
Place:  Wellness Hotel Panorama, Češkovice 168, 678 01 Blansko, Jihomoravký Kraj, Czech Republic,
Hosted by: AIESEC Alumni Slovakia (AAS)
More information and registration on //

Call for Candidates for AAEurope Executive Board

AIESEC Alumni Europe is looking for additional Board Members! Would you like to join?
We search for alumni who have experience as team leaders, who are dedicated to advancing the European National Alumni association and who inspire others to join our programmes.
Working areas of the board are NAA Support, AIESEC Connection, Finance, Talent Management, Organizational Development, IT/ Website, Communication, Programme Management and Event Management.
The term runs for two years. Election will be held at StepUp (& RhineCruise) on 28th September 2018 in Bacharach, Germany!
You can ask the current board for more information on the work and positions:

Apply till 20th September: //!

New national Boards of Germany & Italy

National Boards across Europe are constantly changing – at the beginning of 2018 the new German board took office and last week Italy elected a new board for three years.

We present you the 2018 board of AIESEC Alumni Germany (AAG) who hosted our #ERAC2016 together with #AAGRhineCruise in #Germany. AIESECAlumni Germany is the biggest #NAA in Europe and the world with nearly 600 paying members. #ALUMnites are organized in Berlin, Frankfurt, Giessen, Hamburg, Munich and other cities. AAG has a close relationship with AIESESC and runs workshops at National Conference and sponsors AIESECers with money and mentors for their #exchange.
AAG signed the partnership agreement with #AAE three years ago at the first #StepUp2015 in Reims. Last year, AAG added a financial agreement and supports AAE with 1400 Euro per year. AAG will also host #StepUp2018 in September in parallel to #RhineCruise & #SummerConference.

We present you the new board of AIESECAlumni Italy (AAI) who hosted our #ERAC2017 in #Roccamare. Italy is the second biggest #NAA in Europe with 100 paying members. The board and other alumni organize #ALUMnites in Milan, Rome, Turin and other cities as well as company visits and did a survey on UN #SDG. AAI signed the partnership agreement with #AAE two years ago at #AAIC in Warsaw.

Meet our trainers at ERAC

At the European Regional Alumni Congress, we will offer several workshops to advance your personal development. Choose your favorite and sign up now for the conference: //

  • Sustainable Performance Lifestyle: Mindful Balance at Work & Home by Sergio Razo
  • Using Technology for Your Leadership Development by Mihai Moghoiur
  • How to become a social entrepreneur? by Maya Doneva
  • To Motivate or to Lead? What is the role of Communication in a Team? by Ed Hahn



ERAC – Application for Alumni Talks open

It’s time to step in to the limelight!!! We opened the application for the Alumni Talks at the European Regional Alumni Congress (10-13 May in Varna, Bulgaria)!

We are in search for the stories that will change our perspective, challenge the way we think and take us on a journey of a self discovery.Alumni Talks – 12 minutes’ speeches – it may seem little, but it can mean a lot to a person listening to you.

ERAC delegates differ quite a lot regarding age, geographical location and career paths.
Our goal is to empower all to make better decisions about the world we live in on professional and personal level.

If you think you’ve got the topic to advance and accelerate the conversation on an important issue, you’re shaking up your field or are an innovator, bring new trends and break through thinking in science, technology, business, entrepreneurship, leadership, you’ve got a big story or a wild cards from the future. APPLY NOW! //

Deadline for submission – 15 April 2018
Selected Alumni will be informed 5-10 days after the deadline.

StepUp Conference 2018 & RhineCruise: Registration open!

In 2018, AIESEC Alumni Germany is organizing it‘s legendary RhineCruise and SommerConference:

  • 27 – 30 September 2018
  • in Bacharach at the Rhine (1h from Frankfurt)

Register until April 2nd and benefit from the Super-Special-Early-Bird-Price

On the website, you will also find more information and a detailed Agenda.
In case you have any questions, please don‘t hesitate to contact the OC:

European Regional Alumni Congress in Varna, Bulgaria

European Regional Alumni Congress (ERAC) is the conference for alumni in Europe to come together. We will share experiences, get to know each other and Bulgaria and will work on our personal development.
We expect delegates from all European countries and alumni entities and welcome any alumni from even further away to join us for our annual conference.
Sunny and warm city of Varna in Bulgaria will welcome us from 10th until 13th of May. Melia Grand Hermitage Hotel, organized Cruise, Iconic Golf tournament, and study tours – what else could you wish for – it is an amazing AIESEC weekend retreat.


See you at Varna!

ERAC 2018 registration (by credit card) –> additional credit card fees apply

ERAC 2018 registration (bank transfer)


More Information about agenda, venue and special events you can find at //






StepUp Conference 2017

In Mid-November, 20 leaders from 9 European countries met in London, UK, for the StepUp conference of AIESEC Alumni Europe. The goal was to get-to-know each other, work on the planning of the NAAs and decide on the new Alumni Theme Programme.
The delegates arrived on Friday and enjoyed great discussions during drinks and dinner. This continued Saturday evening with a Warehouse Party with several more alumni from London.
After an introduction on Saturday morning, the countries worked on their planning and presented the highlights to group: more members, more activities, more impact. Among the event highlights for 2018 are
  • the WU Ball by AAAustria (13 January 2018),
  • the ERAC & National Alumni Conference by AABulgaria (10-13 May 2018)
  • the AIESEC & Alumni Rhine Cruise by AAGermany (28-30 September 2018),
  • the WOWcheWeekend by AAItaly ( May 2018) and
  • the International Start Up Meeting by AAUK (9 June 2018).
The afternoon was dedicated to the Alumni Theme Programme (ATP). In the past two years, a handful of projects took place in Austria, Germany and Italy to the theme „Intercultural collaboration – through education and sustainable economy“. After the theme was closed, the new ATP Manager Angelique Russo presented different projects linked to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and presented the results of a survey on the goals. AIESEC Alumni care most about SDG#4 „Quality Education“, SDG#16 „Peace and Justice“ and SDG#1 „No Poverty“.
Angelique Russo – ATP Manager
The discussion on a new theme lasted for several hours and in the end the participants chose „Break out of the Routine“ as the new Alumni Theme Programme. AAE says that “we have a positive impact on the world by continuously improving ourselves, our society and our environment. We challenge the status quo. Our actions are meaningful and we change our perspective.  We give back our knowledge and experiences to leverage the network. With our contribution we inspire youth AIESEC, AIESEC Alumni and the communities in Europe.“

AIESEC Alumni Italy

We present you the board of AIESEC Alumni Italy (AAI) who hosted our #ERAC2017 in #Roccamare. Italy is the second biggest #NAA in Europe with 100 paying members. The board and other alumni organize #ALUMnites in Milan, Rome, Turin and other cities as well as company visits and a survey on UN #SDG. AAI signed the partnership agreement with #AAE one year ago at #AAIC in Warsaw.


AIESEC Alumni Belgium

In our new weekly series, we present you the Boards of the European NAAs. Our first is AIESEC Alumni Belgium – the idea to found it came up after the AAI Congress in Brussels in 1989. AAB has a member base of 50 people.
AAB signed the partnership agreement with #AAE on #ERAC2016/ #RhineCruise

Join the AAE board as Vice President Programmes and Projects

Vice president programmes projects

AIESEC Alumni Europe is looking for a Vice President Programmes and Projects. You will be in charge of:

– Planning of Programmes and Projects activitie:

  • Define together with AAE Board scope and long term goals of programs and projects
  • Plan deliverables, responsibilities and milestones on a yearly basis

– Controlling and Supervision of Programmes and Projects

  • Supervise the program by providing direction, input and feedback
  • Keep track of deliverables and reaching of milestones
  • Monitor the program and project activities on a regular basis and conduct an annual evaluation.
  • Report evaluation findings to the stakeholders and recommend changes to enhance the program, as appropriate

– Team Lead

  • You will work together with the Executive Board of AIESEC Alumni Europe (currently 4 people) and you will be supported by Programme and Project Managers
  • Communicate, Collect and distribute information to and from Programme and Project Managers
  • Recruit and develop Alumni as Programme and Project Managers

– Requirements

  • Skilful use of program management tools
  • Structured working methods
  • Time to dedicate two years to this volunteering position
  • Time & means to enjoy one European conference per year

Found yourself? Email by 10th September 2017 and let us know why this is your position.




AAE is looking for a Conference Manager

conference manager

AIESEC Alumni Europe is looking for a Conference Manager. AAE organises StepUp Meetings (next NAA leaders meeting will be in London 10-12.11.2017) and European Regional Alumni Conferences (ERAC, spring / summer 2018 location to be defined). This role starts about 4 – 6 months before the event and ends after the successful conference organisation.


– Responsibilities

  • Contact person for Conference
  • Collaborate with AAE Board to plan conference Agenda
  • Collect and make available all conference information
  • Manage Conference infrastructure and Logistics
  • Manage Agenda execution at conference

– Requirements

  • Customer oriented mind set
  • Demonstrated organisational skills
  • Ability to travel to the conference responsible for

You will work together with the Executive Board of AIESEC Alumni Europe (currently 4 people), the boards of the European NAAs and initiative groups and the OC of the organising entity.


  • Be an internationally recognised member of AIESEC Alumni community
  • Making AIESEC Alumni relevant in the society
  • Working in a European virtual team
  • Enjoy the AIESEC passion!

Found yourself? Email  by 31th August 2017 and let us know why this is your position.




The Good Cards: transforming businesses for the better

Dorota SobieszcukTake a game and mix it with the passion and the commitment to creating a better world: the result you get is The Good Cards, a real life game for individuals and organizations to achieve collective goals, co-founded by Dorota Sobieszczuk, an AIESEC Alumna, entrepreneur and change maker. The project is currently raising funds on Kickstarter and it has already reached the goal and started the overfunding phase ten days before the campaign ends. I had the the opportunity to interview her for the AIESEC Alumni blog. Enjoy the reading.

AAE: Dorota, what’s your AIESEC experience ?  What do you do in your life?  

D: I’m an AIESEC Alumna and since I finished my over 3 years AIESEC career I’m continually following the path of the change maker.  My AIESEC experience was all about the working with Local Committee Poznan in Poland. Mainly working in the incoming exchange area. Firstly I was a team member of the project than I become project manager, executive board member and local president. In the meantime I was engaged and helping out with notional working groups. Recently,  I co-founded The Good Cards – a real life game for individuals and organizations to achieve collective goals that can help create a better world. I’m living in Bali, the wonderful island where I can connect with like-minded people and grow spiritually and in the business wise way everyday. My mission is to help transform businesses into more socially responsible entities and  empower women to love themselves fully and become more courageous with persuading their business aspiration.

A: What about your project?  

D: Well, I do believe in the individual power of the collective action. How wonderful it would be to be a part of the community that creates habits to become more kind to each other and the planet. And we can all measure it and don’t feel anymore that “my small action doesn’t matter”. When we really see what’s happening in the world it’s obvious that people want change, but not necessarily now what they could potentially do to change anything.So The Good Cards helps you to take action to make a change and motivates you to repeat it by providing fun and gamified experience of leveling up in your good deeds action.

The Core idea comes from the Pay It Forward movement which emphasizes repaying the good deed to the others. The main attribute of the game is “The Good Card”: this is a physical card that gives a user access to the mobile app. He has to scan the QR code on the back of the card in order to find the set of missions for doing something good e.g for his/her family and friends, for strangers and more.

To accomplish the mission the user has to commence an action, share his experience and pass the card to the next recipient.

The next person that gets the card through the good deed has to go on a mission in order to pay it forward. As the card travels from hand to hand, the initial user is able to track it, and see the chain reaction: various stories are shared with the whole community of players from all over the world. The process of how to play the game could be found here:

The Good Cards

There are a lot of changes in front of us, before we find the way the really engage millions into doing good. But nothing is impossible.

AAE: What about impacting the business world?

D: Due to my personal experience I’m very passionate about transforming the business world as well, that’s why we want to closely cooperate with business around The Good Cards. That’s why I see The Good Cards as a way to transform businesses for the better, according to the philosophy “do good and do well” at the same time.  The core idea of the game is very simple: people are sent on a “good deed mission” and they share the story in the mobile app. The app is connected with The Good Card – a biodegradable plastic card that users pass on to other people, challenging them to keep the good going. On the app, everybody can track how the card travels, learn what other people are doing, and see the current location of the card on the global map.

The app can be customized for use by brands, and adjusted to their vision of their social impact. It can be used as a tool to do more good, collectively, with all of their employees and customers. I would underline three main aspects of the magic of The Good Cards for businesses:

  • Making their internal culture more kind and loving
  • Co-creating social impact with their customers
  • Increasing their bottom line

It all starts with the leader. Imagine a CEO doing good by challenging employees to do something good as well – and later customers are also challenged to do something good and everybody contributes to the brand’s collective goals that are aligned with their CSR strategy.

We’re entering an era where communication of a company’s impact is not enough. Today, people want to be part of the brand experience and social impact is becoming a more and more important factor for customers when it comes to choosing the brands they stick to. What is personally important for me is that brands have the power to shape their customers’ behaviour and create global trends. Imagine what would happen if doing good deeds became very trendy and customers were engaged in playing The Good Game through their favourite brands – and then they got rewarded for it.

At the end it’s all about our Good Game Prime philosophy, which is win-win-win  for the world, customers and companies

AAE: Why did you decide to launch a crowdfunding campaign?

D: We decided to launch this project on the community platform because the B2C side of the The Good Cards is purely based on the community building mechanism and crowdfunding is a great test.  Nevertheless we have reached our funding goal we need much more support to really put this project on the new level and be able to fully focus on its development, that’s why the support and feedback from the AIESEC network would be great. Thank  you all in advance.

Find out more about The Good Cards at