before 2015
  • 2012: The Three Musketeers Susanne Pfeuffer (President AAGermany, former secretary of AAI), Fabian Tschan (President AASwitzerland) and Peter Mandl (President of AAAustria) started working together and criticized developments on international level which led to the idea of forming a regional body to speak with a louder voice, share best practices and support the set up of new national alumni associations
  • 2013: Discussions heated up at the AIESEC Alumni International Meetings in Novi Sad, Serbia, and Vienna, Austria anding with the mandate for Peter Mandl to set up the European Region
  • 2014: Progress was made at the German General Assembly that followed the 50 years’ anniversary of the association as the assembly decided to support the European Idea
  • April: First official AAE General Assembly at AIESEC Alumni International Meeting in (Esposende) Porto, Portugal, elected the founding executive board: Peter Mandl (President), Fabian Tschan (Treasurer) and Christiane Stein (VP Communications)
  • November: First StepUp conference for the leadership bodies of the alumni communities in Europe took place in Reims, France
  • Alumni Theme Programme (ATP) started based on AIESEC’s Global Theme Programme of the 1990s – first theme: “Intercultural collaboration – through education and sustainable economy”
  • July: First European Regional Alumni Conference (ERAC) and RhineCruise hosted by AIESEC Alumni Germany gathered 200 participants from Germany and Europe in Bacharach, Germany
  • November: StepUp conference held in Athens, Greece, in conjunction with 60 years’ anniversary of AIESEC in Greece
  • May: ERAC and WOWcheWeekend hosted by AIESEC Alumni Italy in Castiglione della Pescaia, Italy
  • November: StepUp in London, UK, conclusion of first Alumni Theme Programme and decision on new theme
  • AIESEC Alumni Germany started fee sharing based on financial agreement and actively supports AIESEC Alumni Europe
  • 2nd ATP “Break out of the Routine” started
  • May: ERAC and Bulgarian Founders Meeting hosted by AIESEC Alumni Bulgaria in Varna, Bulgaria – conference cycle well established by now and first conference with a chair (Anja Simic)
  • September: StepUp & RhineCruise hosted by AIESEC Alumni Germany in Bacharach, Germany
  • Board & Management Team growing to 12 persons
  • February: The board and management held their planning weekend in Munich.
  • April: ERAC hosted by AIESEC Alumni Slovakia in Blansko, Czech Republic. 
  • November: StepUp in Palermo, Italy, in conjunction with AIESEC Alumni International Congress. There, AAI decided that voting will be in the future executed by NAAs, RAAs and the AAI board. The general assembly elected a new board with Peter Mandl (President), Gabriella Gallas (Treasurer), Christiane Stein (VP NAA Growth) and Jean Paul Kenmoe (VP Communications). At the event, AAE signed the financial agreement with AIESEC Alumni Romania.
  • At the end of the year, AAE decided the new Alumni Theme Programme will be „Living sustainably“
  • January: The new board came together with several members of the management team for the planning weekend in Bergamo, Italy, – the last physical meeting till May 2022. 
  • ERAC was postponed several times due to Covid and did not happen in 2020 and 2021. 
  • AAE signed financial agreements with Austria and Sweden.
  • November: AIESEC Alumni Europe hosted the first V-E-Co (Virtual European Conference) – a combination of ERAC (Day 1) and StepUp (Day 2). Daniela Tisca received vote of confidence and joined the board as VP HR (quietly resigned in summer 2021).
  • Throughout the year, held nearly monthly alumni talk sessions (usually 3) around different topics and gathered alumni from all across Europe and the world.
  • March: Virtual planning weekend and V-E-Co for NAA Leaders.
  • May: V-E-Co for everyone with a one day agenda containing alumni talks, panel discussion, AAE Update and a session on Italian food.
  • October: StepUp took place virtual including general assembly and elections. The general assembly elected a new board with Christiane Stein (President), Irma Bejdic (Treasurer), Jude Ahor (VP NAA Growth), Jean Paul Kenmoe (VP Communications), Michael Illert (VP Partnerships) and Katarina Korenkova (VP Tech).
  • AAE signed financial agreements with Italy and Slovakia.
  • AIESEC Alumni Poland opened their alumni to alumni mentoring programme for other NAAs to participate.
  • January: The planning weekend happened again virtually.
  • May: In-person conferences returned with ERAC in Bucharest, Romania, with the Theme “Leading for Peace”. The AAE team met in person a day before for a team building event. 
  • October: StepUp took place in Gdansk, Poland, hosted by AIESEC Alumni Poland. 
  • Sweden cancelled the financial agreement as the board decided to dissolve the association.
  • AAE established a closer relationship with AIESEC. Regional Director Hermione attended ERAC and her successor Ionut Rotaru joined StepUp.
  • The end of the year saw also the conclusion of the Alumni Theme Programme “Living Sustainably”
  • January: After three years, AAE team came together for an in-person planning weekend in Budapest, Hungary.
  • May: ERAC took place on Ischia, Italy, with the theme “Building generations of Change Agents”. 
  • October: AIESEC Alumni Netherlands in collaboration with AAE hosted the 75 Years AIESEC – European celebration in Rotterdam. In the same week, also the general assembly took place and a new board was elected: Christiane Stein (President), Mirza Mujanovic (Treasurer), Stephanie Kusemann (VP NAA Growth), Diana Severati (VP Communications), Peter Struckel (VP Alumni Engagement) and Katarina Korenkova (VP Tech). At StepUp, NAAs discussed the challenges and the purpose of the alumni associations. PAI Chester Shum presented the current state of AIESEC in European countries.
  • AAE signed financial agreements with Croatia, France and the Netherlands.