Christiane STEIN

Christiane has been with AIESEC Alumni Europe since the beginning and acted as VP Com and VP NAA Growth & Alumni Theme Programme in previous years. Chris spent her AIESEC years (1999-2005) in Leipzig in exchange and as LCP. She also volunteered for AIESEC Donetsk (Ukraine) and AIESEC Bologna (Italy). Since 2009, Christiane has been active as an alumna and has been President of AIESEC Alumni Germany from 2013-2018. In 2021, Chris was elected President of AIESEC Alumni Europe and re-elected in 2023. Professionally, Chris is a Director in the Automotive industry.

Vice President Finance


In 2017, Mirza began his journey with AIESEC in Austria. He took on different roles such as VP of Finance and Legal, Finance Manager, and Internal Auditor. His active involvement with AIESEC wrapped up in 2019 after an exchange program in Athens, Greece. During those years, he also contributed to key projects led by AIESEC in Austria, such as organizing the Youth Speak Forum and partnering with UNIDO. Professionally, Mirza has focused on marketing and data analytics.

Vice President NAA Growth

Stephanie KUSEMANN

Result-driven, always curious, and committed to a conscious lifestyle, Stephanie provides strong knowledge and expertise in talent acquisition & employer branding within fast-paced tech environments and sustainability communication across different sectors.Her professional roots lie in the family-owned travel agency, which influenced Stephanie from an early age, motivating her to travel the world and experience new cultures, which resulted in her passion for sustainable tourism. In her blog, she raises more awareness about sustainable travel & tourism and a sustainable lifestyle.Always caring and as an ambassador for the Sustainable Development Goals, Stephanie is dedicated to stepping out of her comfort zone to inspire about living sustainably and looking beyond one’s nose.

Vice President Engagement



Peter’s journey with AIESEC began during his university studies in Kosice Slovakia where his was an active member of the local committee. From 2000 to 2001 he undertook a traineeship in Leipzig, Germany. After university, Peter lost contact with AIESEC for nearly 20 years. His connection with AIESEC was rekindled in 2023 when he participated in a transformative ERAC in Ischia.
In his professional carrier Peter managed several NGO projects focusing on education, security, arts, and culture. After some time he has transitioned to the fin-tech, IT and later med-tech industry. He is a partner in a small consulting company and represents several independent IT product and service providers, aiding their ambitions for cross-border expansion.
With experience in executive roles across startups and corporations, he consistently emphasises an agile, user-centric and value-based delivery.

Vice President Tech



Kate joined AIESEC Banska Bystrica in 2000 and held positions as Teamleader, OC, OCP, VP Outgoing Exchange and member of National trainers team. She finished her active AIESEC career in 2005 with internship in Estonia. Kate is involved in Alumni activities since 2016. She has served as OCP of ERAC 2019 and as President of AIESEC Alumni Slovakia since 2019.

Vice President Communication



Diana is a curious and open-minded person. She has an academic background in economics with a specialization in economic decisions and social responsibility. She was a member of AIESEC Roma Sapienza in Italy. She joined LC Roma Sapienza (Italy) in 1997 and worked in the exchange team. In 2001-2002 she was LCVP Finance. She has served AIESEC Alumni Europe as social media manager in the last term. She loves traveling and she is passionate about sustainability, communication and politics with a strong pro-european vision. Professionally she works in the finance department of a major insurance company and  she is also a crowdfunding trainer, consultant and speaker

Furthermore, several AIESEC Alumni support the EB in Management Team position.