ERAC 2024 in Zagreb & Study Tour

ERAC is an annual conference of AIESEC alumni of Europe, intended to gather all AIESEC alumni in one place to celebrate AIESEC values, touch on global issues, encourage leadership & personal growth, build networks, and have a great time.

Under the slogan “Connect to Impact”, AIESEC Alumni Croatia is celebrating its first birthday in the AIESEC Alumni Europe family during four unforgettable days filled with interesting workshops, well-known AIESEC parties, and opportunities to connect and create space for change, new friendships and lifelong memories.

Explore the only world capital that starts with Z – Zagreb. Experience a real adventure – escape from the Grič canon at noon on the shortest funicular in the world to one of the beautiful city parks.

Make a wish at Manduševac, and suddenly find yourself in the solar plexus of Europe or in the Museum of Illusions. Talk to Tesla, taste traditional štrukli, or get lost in the colorful streets of one of the safest capitals in the world.

The opportunities to explore are endless, all you have to do is come … and connect.

Here are the available packages:

4 days/3 nights fee in a twin room (25. – 28.4.): early bird 440€/regular 450€

4 days/3 nights fee in a single room (25. – 28.4.): early bird 580€/regular 590€

4 days/3 nights fee without accommodation (25. – 28.4.): early bird 140€/regular 150€

3 days/2 nights fee in a twin room (26. – 28.4.): early bird 350€/regular 360€

3 days/2 nights fee in a single room (26. – 28.4.): early bird 400€/regular 410€

3 days/2 nights fee without accommodation (26. – 28.4.): early bird 115€/regular 125€

2 days/1 night fee in a twin room (27. – 28.4.): early bird 235€/regular 245€

2 days/1 night fee in a single room (27. – 28.4.): early bird 285€/regular 295€

2 days/1 night fee without accommodation (27. – 28.4.): early bird 80€/regular 90€

Upon registration, you will receive the link to purchase a desired package.

Register here: //


Day 1: 25.4.

City Tour Zagreb

Opening & Get2Know

AAE Updates

Day 2: 26.4.

Keynote: Connect to Impact

Panel discussion: How to connect & impact in different sectors?

Alumni Talks: 

  • Migration & Integration; are we facing a global issue?
  • Impact & fear
  • Intimate relationship as base for successful life
  • Alumni Talk 4 & 5 TBA

Personal Development Workshops:

  • Non-violent communication – How can empathy unlock difficult situations?
  • Wellbeing
  • Lead without fear
  • Workshop 4 TBA

Day 3: 27.4.

AIESEC Europe & Croatia Updates

Alumni Talks

  • Croatia in the context of the region and the world, geopolitical aspect
  • Choosing Croatia – for business and family life
  • Working abroad – Lessons Learnt
  • Integrating migrant workers into the European societies 
  • Anticipatory Climate Action as a hunger prevention tool

Panel Discussion: Harnessing AI for the benefit of the business, academia and civil society

Business Opportunities

Day 4: 28.4.

Impact Areas

  • Education & Learning
  • Sustainability
  • Leadership & Peace
  • Alumni Engagement

*The Organiser reserves the right to make changes to the agenda.

Study Tour: Explore Plitvice lakes – Pag island – Zadar

We feel that no trip to any ERAC conference would be complete without getting to know the hosting country better. That’s why we’ve prepared an amazing study tour to intimately acquaint you with some of Croatia’s world renowned historical, natural and cultural gems. Discover the breathtaking beauty of Plitvice Lakes National Park. Experience the lunar landscape of the island of Pag. Admire the view at Church of St. Donatus while listening to sea organs in Zadar, and much more. 

Dates: 23.- 25.04.2024.

Day 1: Zagreb – Plitvice lakes (tour across the national park & lunch) – Island Pag (accommodation in camp Šimuni, two nights)

Day 2: Island Pag

  • Explore Pag, relax on the beach or join one of the exciting excursions (optional).  

Day 3: Pag – Zadar (city tour) – Zagreb


  • The Study Tour will be held in the days preceding the conference, April 23th – 25th.. 
  • It’s separated from the main conference in terms of the registration and payment. 
  • The Study Tour can be purchased only for the delegates of the conference and the people accompanying them.


  • Study tour fee is 250 EUR.
  • It includes transportation, shared accommodation in camp Šimuni (double bed room), entrance to the national park Plitvice lakes, lunch at Plitvice lakes, visit to the Gallery of Pag Lace and Zadar city tour.
  • Accommodation is in a 2 bedroom mobile house. One room has twin beds, and one room is a double bed. In case you want the room for yourself, you can pay an additional 50€.
  • Optional excursions on Pag:
    • Gligora cheese factory (tour & tasting): 20 EUR (Pag cheese is one of the Croatian delicacies) 
    • Boat excursion (TBA) 

Additional info regarding the Study Tour is available on the web pages, and the Facebook pages. It’ll also be directly communicated via emails to all the attendees ahead of the Tour.

So, if you haven’t done it already, hurry up and register.

Register here for the Study Tour: //

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