Conference Manager

Petra Cvetanovic

Petra  comes  from southern parts of Serbia. After 5 active AIESEC years, she has decided to join AAE with the goal of connecting all of the European alumni together. Through  her role in AIESEC Alumni Europe she hope to bring the world closer to peace  activating and engaging our European community. 

Social Media Manager

Diana Severati

Diana Severati

Diana is a curious and open-minded person.  She was a member of AIESEC Roma Sapienza in Italy. She has an academic background in economics with a specialization in economic decisions and social responsibility. passionate about politics, she is an individual member of the ALDE Party and activist of the pro-European Pulse of Europe movement.  She is a member of the communication team of  ebbf – ethical busineess building the future as a member of the communication  team and helps people and organizations, especially social enterprises, to bring their project a step forward though crowdfunding. She has also a 10+  working experience in an insurance company.

Communication Manager

Jean Paul Kenmoe

Jean Paul is a Finance & Accounting Specialist and Soft Skills Trainer. He has over 8 years of training experience with a special focus on Personal Development, Leadership and Professional Communication. He joined AIESEC in 2007 in Yaounde, 
Cameroon, and has served the organization at local, national and international level as team leader, project director, LCVP Finance and MCVP Finance. Furthermore Jean Paul was part of the Sustainable Development Unit and Global Education Unit teams for AIESEC International from 2010-2012. Jean Paul did a one year professional internship in Germany through AIESEC Cologne in 2012 and a three month volunteer internship in Bulgaria through AIESEC Sofia.
ATP Team – Networking Manager

Jan Peters

Jan learned about AIESEC during his Erasmus internship in Finland. In 2014, he connected again with the AIESECand AIESEC Alumni network in Belgium. He belonged to the team bringing both networks together and reviving AIESEC Alumni Belgium (AAB). Jan became an AAB board member and responsible for International Relations. In May 2018, he joined the AAE’s team for the Alumni Theme Programme.

He currently works as external network engineer for the Belgian federal government. Before that, he worked 5 years as external System Administrator in 2 departments of the European Commission. Jan advances his personal development and networks. He uses the opportunities to give back to the community and to have a positive impact on the society.

ATP Team – Social Media Manager

Krisztina Kapuvari

Krisztina joined AIESEC in Hungary in 2012. In LC Veszprem, she raised within 3 months to VP Marketing. Later she became LCP, OCVP Finance of National Conference and National Support Team Internship Admin.
Krisztina took diverse roles in other entities worldwide: CEEDer in Greece (2014), MCVP Marketing in Benin Republic (15/16), West African YouthSpeak Forum Host (2016) Togo, facilitator in Nigeria (2015). She also took part in internships and volunteer programs of AIESEC in Ghana (2014), in Togo (2016), in the USA (2017) and in Ivory Coast (2018).
She is passionate about leadership, marketing, organizational development and reducing social injustice. Her dream to start an open office space/ startup hall across West Africa, where she can provide access to basic equipments, tools, internet, business leading and management knowledge and inspiration to youth who are interested in bringing solutions for all type of social issues into this world.
Currently, she works in UK, and volunteers at AIESEC Alumni Europe & International and taking online journalism courses.

OCP European Regional Alumni Congress

Katarina Korenkova

Katarina is an internal trainer in an insurance company.

She joined AIESEC Banská Bystrica in 2000 and held positions as exchanger, OCP and member of National Trainers Team in AIESEC Slovakia 2004/2005.

Since 2005, Kate has been supporting AIESEC as alumna, especially her home LC Banská Bystrica. She volunteers as member of the National Trainers Team 2018/2019 and in the board of AIESEC Alumni Slovakia. She also stepped up to organize the 2019 European Regional Alumni Congress in Moravia, Czech Republic.