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Recap 75 years of AIESEC – European celebration

On Saturday 28 October 2023, AIESECers and alumni in Europe celebrated the founding of AIESEC 75 years ago. For the occasion more than 200 people from all generations and continents came together at the Wereldmuseum in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The museum like AIESEC brings people and cultures together, although the museum already for 160 years. […]

StepUp! 2023 – AAE’s leadership conference

At the end of October AIESEC Alumni Europe’s leadership conference took place. This year, the event was split into two parts. On Wednesday, the virtual general assembly took place where the board presented a summary of activities in 2022 and 2023 incl. financial statements. Also the new AAE board for the term 2023-2025 was elected: […]

Remarkable 20 Years of AIESEC Friendships

We crossed paths in Mumbai back in 2003, brought together by the AIESEC Internship Programme. Hailing from diverse corners of the globe, our group is a vibrant tapestry of continents, countries, and backgrounds. We also looked at the world in a positive way. We were all AIESEC trainees, driven not only by the desire to advance our careers, […]

Alumni Mentor Program starts new Round 2023/24 – call for participation!

AIESEC Alumni Poland is looking for other national AIESEC Alumni associations to run the next edition of our award-winning international Alumni Mentor program together! 1st edition of Alumni Mentor took place in 2020/2021 solely in Poland, in cooperation with a people development company Kingmakers (run by AIESEC Alumni). After that we run 2 more international editions, involving Sweden, UAE, Russia, Hungary, Croatia, Belgium, Czechia, Slovakia! At European Regional Alumni Conference […]

AIESEC 75 – European Celebration: Unleashing 75 Years Of Vivid Leadership

Join us for the celebration of AIESEC’s 75th anniversary in the Netherlands! This event is a regional gathering of AIESEC members and alumni from all over Europe. We will be celebrating our accomplishments and looking forward to the future of AIESEC. You don’t want to miss this exciting event! confirmed speakers: Victor Loewenstein, Simone Jeuken, Bianka Demeter, Tamer Zikry […]

APPLY NOW for the AAE Board 2023/2025

Apply on here: //bit.ly/AAEboard23 – Deadline 15 October 2023 Common requirements for all board positions: VP Finance   Responsibilities – Develop and oversee the annual budget for AAE in collaboration with the other board members.– Monitor the financial performance of AAE on a monthly basis and report to the board on financial status, cash flow, and budget […]

ERAC – Get ready to book now!

Dear all, ERAC takes place from 18-21 May 2023 on the island of Ischia – a ferry/ boat trip from Naples. We will stay at the Hotel Apollon in the Miramare Sea Resort & Spa  //www.miramaresearesort.it. The following rooms are available (3 nights): Standard double room 420€ per person  Superior double room 480€ per person  […]

We stand for Peace

For many of us here at the board of AIESEC Alumni Europe the fall of the iron curtain in 1989 was the moment which enabled us to live the free life we live today. The vision of AIESEC, the organization we cherish so much as Alumni, is ‘Peace and Fulfillment of Humankind’s Potential’.

War and violence are never the path to achieve anything but destruction. The suffering, the loss of life caused by this war makes us feel extremely sad, helpless and our hearts hurt seeing what is unfolding on our European continent.

We feel extremely worried by the now real possibility of the iron curtain to reappear.

We are not powerless. Peace is the basis to fulfill humankind’s potential, and this is what we all need to stand up for. Our thoughts are with all the people who suffer so much under this war.

We ask you to support AIESECers and Alumni in Ukraine.
We ask you to stay connected with AIESECers and alumni in Russia.

Only with open communication, we can hope to build bridges and bring everyone back to the table.

The Board of AIESEC Alumni Europe

Christiane Stein * Irma Bejdic * Katarina Korenkova * Jean Paul Kenmoe * Jude Ahor * Michael Illert

ERAC 2020 – Register now!

Join more than 250 delegates in Bucharest, Romania, for the European Regional Alumni Congress (ERAC), during 14th-17th of May 2020. Have a great time, meet old friends and new people, explore a wide range of different cultures and experience more on Living Sustainably. Early Bird till 29th February 2020 – register here: //aiesec-alumni.ro/erac2020/ Find out more

New ATP is Living Sustainably – start your projects now!

In autumn 2019, AIESEC Alumni Europe announced the next Alumni Theme Programme: Living Sustainably. Alumni and National Alumni Associations will run projects, discussions and campaigns around this topic over the next two years. Living sustainably should give us all the opportunity to think about our current lifestyle, relationships, actions and environment, create awareness for environmental […]

Alumni living the AIESEC Values

AIESEC Alumni Europe started the AIESEC Values in campaign mid-July and features alumni from all over Europe and the world who live the values.  AIESEC agreed on a set of shared behaviors – the values – that shape its organizational culture. These values bring the AIESEC Way to life by guiding our everyday actions and […]

ERAC Workshops open for registrations

We have decided on the ERAC workshops and you can now sign up for one of them: Sina Mehl – Tackle your problems by doing (almost) NOTHING Dieter Langenecker – You Are More Than You Think You Are – Living A Life You Love Albin Bankuti – How to apply for and get a job […]