Support to Ukraine

Here we have some actions you can take to help: 
We are not responsible for the content issued by the organizations mentioned above, media, and broadcast channels outside our association; however, we encourage you to keep yourself informed and analyze if the information to read is from a reliable source. Also, remember to contrast the news for a complete perspective and stay in touch with your alumni association to learn about more initiatives and ways to help. 

📌 Keep yourself informed from verified and unbiased news sources:
UN News: //
Kyiv Independent: //
Hromadske International: //
BBC News: // 

📌 Make donations to help with resources, check on verified donations for relief:
Support Ukrainian Children fighting cancer: //
The Red Cross ICRC: //
UNICEF Ukraine: // 

📌 Find a place to stay as a refugee:

📌 Real ways to support Ukraine:

From AAI Newsletter, Call To Action, 7th April 2022
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