StepUp! 2023 – AAE’s leadership conference

At the end of October AIESEC Alumni Europe’s leadership conference took place. This year, the event was split into two parts.

On Wednesday, the virtual general assembly took place where the board presented a summary of activities in 2022 and 2023 incl. financial statements. Also the new AAE board for the term 2023-2025 was elected:

Peter Struckel (VP Alumni Engagement, Mirza (VP Finance), Stéphanie Kusemann (VP NAA Growth), Christiane Stein (President), Katarina Korenkova (VP Tech) and Diana Severati (VP Communications).

On Saturday, the physical meeting took place in Rotterdam. After an introduction and get to know, the participating National Alumni Associations shared their current challenges on membership, leadership pipeline, financial sustainability and purpose. In five working groups, the participants addressed the purpose and values challenge. While some shared some hard to admit truths, others presented a framework for the purpose of the alumni associations in the future.

Based on the discussion in Rotterdam, VP Alumni Engagement Peter Struckel will create a task force and work with alumni from national entities to continue the work on the topic and prawns results at ERAC 2024.

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