It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of our dear friend, supporter and mentor Arnould de la Boulaye.

Arnould was an example of dedication, perseverance and total commitment to defend causes he deeply believed in. Many of us had the privilege of working closely with him on a variety of projects and observe that his prime goal was to serve others, build paths of collaboration and fight for ambitious goals that would make ours a Better World.

One of the causes he treasured throughout his life was AIESEC. Having been President of AIESEC-France while a student, Arnould maintained both the spirit and the objectives of the Association alive all through his personal and professional lives. His consistent aim was to help others and he reflected this by the numerous persons he mentored, by the various start-ups he helped launch, by the support he offered those seeking counsel while consistently doing so on a selfless voluntary basis.

Doubtless he was the Founder and creator of the AIESEC Fund, an initiative which he saw as a potential vehicle to fundraise and thus generate funds to finance AIESEC initiatives, whether generated by the Student or the Alumni bodies. He fought to launch this ambitious project because he deeply believed that it would fulfil the Association’s goal of “Peace and Fulfilment of Humankind’s Potential”.

Arnould was the prime example of an AIESECer. He took the Association’s purpose and goals from his student days till the day of his death. He leaves great memories in those who had the pleasure and honour of knowing him. He will be remembered as someone dedicated, committed, persevering and always having the service of others as his prime objective. He embraced the concept that “AIESEC is for Life”.

May he rest in Peace.

Words by Victor Loewenstein


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