APPLY NOW for the AAE Board 2023/2025

Apply on here: // – Deadline 15 October 2023

Common requirements for all board positions:

  • Passion and vision for AIESEC Alumni
  • AIESEC experience
  • Persistence and energy
  • Ability to travel (time & money) to three AAE meetings per year (Planning Weekend, ERAC, StepUp)
  • The board will be elected for a term of two years.
  • Residence in Europe in 2023-2025.Ability to travel to three AAE meetings per year
VP Finance 
– Develop and oversee the annual budget for AAE in collaboration with the other board members.
– Monitor the financial performance of AAE on a monthly basis and report to the board on financial status, cash flow, and budget variances.
– Ensure compliance with all financial regulations and laws.
– Ensure timely and accurate invoicing of fee share agreements.
– Be informed about AAE activities and their financial implications.
– Offer advice and guidance to the other board members on finance-related matters.
– Work with auditors to ensure accurate and timely completion of financial statements.
– Manage AAE’s bank account and process reimbursements for expenses.
– Maintain accurate financial records and ensure their confidentiality.
– Attending bi-weekly calls, planning meeting, ERAC and StepUp
– Strong accounting and financial management skills.
– Ability to work independently and take initiative in a dynamic and fast-paced environment.
– Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
– Attention to detail and the ability to prioritize tasks effectively.
– Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.
– Risk-averse with the ability to identify potential financial risks and implement measures to mitigate them.

Additional requirement: EU citizen or Swiss National 
VP Communications 
– Create Communication Strategy
– Management of Social Media channels & website
– Logo and Marketing Materials
– Collect input from board for publication
– Run communication campaigns
– Gatekeeper for outside AAE communication
– Lead the communication team
– Strong communication skills
– Outgoing, open personality
– Team leading
VP NAA Growth 
– Inform about status of NAAs and suggest actions
– Organisation of monthly NAA call
– Collect and share best practices
– Regular bilateral calls to NAAs and communities
– Development and maintenance of “NAA Start-up package”
– Management of communication details to NAAs and communities
– Keeping track of events of NAAs and communities
– Collect and calculate KPIs
– Lead the team of regional managers
– Strong communication skills
– Outgoing, open personality
– Team leading
VP Joker?! 
What area would you like to run?   
– Strong communication skills
– Outgoing, open personality
– Skills in desired field

We stand for Peace

For many of us here at the board of AIESEC Alumni Europe the fall of the iron curtain in 1989 was the moment which enabled us to live the free life we live today. The vision of AIESEC, the organization we cherish so much as Alumni, is ‘Peace and Fulfillment of Humankind’s Potential’.

War and violence are never the path to achieve anything but destruction. The suffering, the loss of life caused by this war makes us feel extremely sad, helpless and our hearts hurt seeing what is unfolding on our European continent.

We feel extremely worried by the now real possibility of the iron curtain to reappear.

We are not powerless. Peace is the basis to fulfill humankind’s potential, and this is what we all need to stand up for. Our thoughts are with all the people who suffer so much under this war.

We ask you to support AIESECers and Alumni in Ukraine.
We ask you to stay connected with AIESECers and alumni in Russia.

Only with open communication, we can hope to build bridges and bring everyone back to the table.

The Board of AIESEC Alumni Europe

Christiane Stein * Irma Bejdic * Katarina Korenkova * Jean Paul Kenmoe * Jude Ahor * Michael Illert

Call for Candidates for AAEurope Executive Board

AIESEC Alumni Europe is looking for additional Board Members! Would you like to join?
We search for alumni who have experience as team leaders, who are dedicated to advancing the European National Alumni association and who inspire others to join our programmes.
Working areas of the board are NAA Support, AIESEC Connection, Finance, Talent Management, Organizational Development, IT/ Website, Communication, Programme Management and Event Management.
The term runs for two years. Election will be held at StepUp (& RhineCruise) on 28th September 2018 in Bacharach, Germany!
You can ask the current board for more information on the work and positions:

Apply till 20th September: //!

Join the AAE board as Vice President Programmes and Projects

Vice president programmes projects

AIESEC Alumni Europe is looking for a Vice President Programmes and Projects. You will be in charge of:

– Planning of Programmes and Projects activitie:

  • Define together with AAE Board scope and long term goals of programs and projects
  • Plan deliverables, responsibilities and milestones on a yearly basis

– Controlling and Supervision of Programmes and Projects

  • Supervise the program by providing direction, input and feedback
  • Keep track of deliverables and reaching of milestones
  • Monitor the program and project activities on a regular basis and conduct an annual evaluation.
  • Report evaluation findings to the stakeholders and recommend changes to enhance the program, as appropriate

– Team Lead

  • You will work together with the Executive Board of AIESEC Alumni Europe (currently 4 people) and you will be supported by Programme and Project Managers
  • Communicate, Collect and distribute information to and from Programme and Project Managers
  • Recruit and develop Alumni as Programme and Project Managers

– Requirements

  • Skilful use of program management tools
  • Structured working methods
  • Time to dedicate two years to this volunteering position
  • Time & means to enjoy one European conference per year

Found yourself? Email by 10th September 2017 and let us know why this is your position.




A new addition to the AAE board team

We want to congratulate Florence Jumeaux on being elected for the position of NAA Growth Manager for the term ’16/’18. Florence is a headhunter for executive positions in a wide range of industries. She joined AIESEC HEC (Montreal, Canada) in 2008 and also worked for AIESEC in Gothenburg (Sweden). She went on two AIESEC internships in India where she lived for 3 years. She has been an active member of AIESEC Alumni France since 2015 and is a member of the board. Welcome to the AAE board team Florence!

florence jumeaux

Executive Board Meeting in Feusisberg

Last weekend, the board of AIESEC Alumni Europe came together for a planning weekend in Feusisberg, Switzerland.

We – Christiane, Fabian and Peter – worked on our vision, goals, strategies and year plan.


Fabian, Peter, Christiane

We would like to

  • broaden the AIESEC Alumni Europe network,
  • establish regular communication and
  • support National Alumni Associations to grow.

We will hold monthly calls with the responsibles of the European National Alumni Associations. If you would like to participate on behalf of your countries alumni association, please contact us.

AIESEC Alumni Europe established

AIESEC Alumni Europe has been founded on 12 April 2015 in Porto by ratification of the statutes proposed by the founding board.

P1040739_1024Eight European countries were represented by members: Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Switzerland, UK. Interest has been expressed by Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Lithuania, Portugal and Spain.

The assembly also elected the first executive board of AIESEC Alumni Europe: Christiane Stein as Vice President Communications, Fabian Tschan as Vice President Finance and Peter Mandl as President. P1040737_1024

Hey AIESEC Alumni!

We are happy to welcome you on the page of AIESEC Alumni Europe!

We want to reach out to all AIESEC alumni and their alumni associations in Europe.

We are looking forward hearing your comments on our ideas and activities.