Our vision:

AIESEC Alumni Europe is a platform for collaboration, for sharing of best practices, supporting existing and to build new AIESEC Alumni Associations in Europe.
We are aiming for a Regional Alumni Association to leverage our individual strength on national level to improve our National Alumni Associations all over the region and collaborate with AIESEC and AIESEC Alumni International on global level.

AIESEC Alumni Europe contributes to the development of the Europea AIESEC and AIESEC Alumni entities. Its activities show an overriding commitment to cross-national and international co-operation and understanding. The purpose of AIESEC Alumni Europe is:

  • To foster cultural understanding through personal experience.
  • To raise awareness for societal issues in the region and beyond.
  • To enhance the exchange of knowledge, experience and support of the career of members of AIESEC Alumni Europe.
  • To develop further experiences made during the active membership in AIESEC and enhancing the contact between members of the association.
  • To support projects and members of AIESEC alumni entities in Europe with knowledge, experience and financial aid.
  • To coordinate the activities of the different AIESEC alumni entities in Europe.
  • To organize regional and global AIESEC Alumni conferences in Europe.
  • To coordinate and run regional programmes for the membership and the AIESEC alumni entities in Europe.
  • To act as keeper of the AIESEC alumni history in the region
  • To maintain the connection to the AIESEC Alumni International and other national AIESEC Alumni organizations in Europe and in the world.

AIESEC Alumni Europe is independent from AIESEC Alumni International and AIESEC, but shares the values and possibly supports its activities and members and seeks the collaboration with these entities.