Conference Manager

Petra Cvetanovic

Petra  comes  from southern parts of Serbia. After 5 active AIESEC years, she has decided to join AAE with the goal of connecting all of the European alumni together. Through  her role in AIESEC Alumni Europe she hope to bring the world closer to peace  activating and engaging our European community. 

Social Media Manager

Diana Severati

Diana Severati

Diana is a curious and open-minded person.  She was a member of AIESEC Roma Sapienza in Italy. She has an academic background in economics with a specialization in economic decisions and social responsibility. passionate about politics, she is an individual member of the ALDE Party and activist of the pro-European Pulse of Europe movement.  She is a member of the communication team of  ebbf – ethical busineess building the future as a member of the communication  team and helps people and organizations, especially social enterprises, to bring their project a step forward though crowdfunding. She has also a 10+  working experience in an insurance company.

Communication Manager

Chiara Gomiselli

Chiara is a painter and a former startupper. Passionate about social media and web marketing. Creative and a traveler, in love with the idea of having a positive impact on this world. She was an active AIESEC member from 2001 to 2006 in LC Trieste and LC Vienna, mainly in HR and event management.
NAA/ATP Team – Country Manager Northern/ Western Europe

Jan Peeters

Jan got to know AIESEC during his Erasmus internship in 2006 in Finland. He reconnected with AIESEC in 2014. Jan was an active member of the LC of the university where he was studying in evening courses and joined the Belgian alumni community. This gave him the opportunity to bring the alumni community and the current AIESEC community in Belgium closer together.

He was with a few other young alumni reviving the alumni community in Belgium. After attending the first conference of AAE and seeing active alumni entities in Europe he wanted to have the same in Belgium. In 2016, he joined the board of AABelgium.
During ERAC2018, Jan joined the AAE ATP as network coordinator and today is the Country Manager for Northern & Western Europe (Belgium, France, Netherlands, Sweden and the United Kingdom) in the NAA & ATP Team.

He works currently as network engineer and cyber security specialist in different projects.

NAA/ATP Team – Social Media Manager

Krisztina Kapuvari

Krisztina joined AIESEC in Hungary in 2012. In LC Veszprem, within 3 months, become VP Marketing. Later she served as LCP, OCVP Finance of National Conference and National Support Team Internship Admin.

Krisztina took diverse roles in other entities worldwide: CEEDer in Greece (2014), MCVP Marketing in Benin Republic (15/16), West African YouthSpeak Forum Host (2016) Togo, facilitator in Nigeria (2015). She also took part in internships and volunteer programs of AIESEC in Ghana (2014), in Togo (2016), in the USA (2017) and in Ivory Coast (2018).

She is passionate about leadership, marketing, organizational development and reducing social injustice. Her dream was to start an open office space in Benin Republic. At theSPACE since 2019 August, she provides access to INFRASTRUCTURE (basic tools, equipment, internet) KNOW HOW (coaching/trainings) to youth AIESEC alumni who are interested in bringing solutions for all type of (social) issues into this world as entrepreneurs. (

Currently, she works in UK, and volunteers at AIESEC Alumni Europe & International and taking online journalism courses.

NAA/ATP team – Country Manager Balkans

Wendela Sanders

Wendela (Gwen) Sanders is the country manager for the Balkans (Croatia, Slovenia, North Macadonia, Serbia) and Turkey. She joined AIESEC Alumni Europe board in dec 2019. She spent her AIESEC years in Amsterdam as summerteam (1986/87) and LCP (1987-90). She organized a European LCP conference in Trentino (Italy) in 1989. In 1990 she did her Master Thesis Business Economics in London (Shell Scenarioplanning) and lived in an AIESEc house of 6 nationalities for 9 months. She is a global thinker and volunteers for buildOn in developing countries.

Professionally, Wendela (Gwen) is a teacher/trainer in Scenarioplanning and marketing strategy (freelance).

NAA/ATP team – Country Manager Central Europe

Stephanie Kusemann

Result driven and committed to a conscious lifestyle, Stephanie is a professional holding a Master Of Science degree in sustainability management. She is working as recruitment consultant and trainer with previous experience in marketing.
During her professional career Stephi worked in the tourism sector and now in telecommunication industries and IT.
Due to her experience and passion for travel and sustainability, she is now volunteering as Country Manager (Central Europe: Germany, Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia) at AIESEC Alumni Europe and guest author for the AIESEC Alumni International.
During her past roles within the AIESEC Alumni community Stephanie started as Social Media Manager and gained also experience in an international leadership role with a focus to promote the Sustainable Development Goals across Europe.

NAA/ATP team – Country Manager Eastern Europe

Dan S. Vlad

Dan is the Founder & CEO of Simple IoT Group, an IoT Sigfox Operator for several countries in South-East Europe. He joined AIESEC Bucharest in 2000 and held positions as OCP, Regional Coach, MCVP Iceland, chair/facilitator in various AIESEC development conferences across Europe. Dan joined AIESEC Alumni Europe as Country Manager Eastern Europe in January 2020 and will be responsible for Bulgaria, Romania, Lithuania, Russia and Ukraine.