Peter Mandl

Peter works as project leader for Asem-group. He joined AIESEC Linz in 1992 and held positions as Exchanger, OCP and Member of AIESEC’s Global Press Group till 1996. Peter has been actively involved in Alumni activities since 2007. He served as President for AIESEC Alumni Austria and has been a driver for the creation of AIESEC Alumni Europe.

Vice President Finance

Gabriella Gallas

Gabriella has almost 30 years of work experience in the banking sector, during which she held positions of responsibility in planning, control and budget, and as project manager of several projects (securitization, mergers, and asset disposals). She currently works at one of the leading Italian banks in the insurance bank sector. She joined AIESEC Italy in 1984 at the local committee in Ancona and in 1986 she was elected National Exchange Controller. Since 2012 Gabriella has been involved in AIESEC Alumni Italy and has joined the Board of Directors where she currently serves as VP Finance.

Vice President NAA Growth & Alumni Theme Program

Christiane Stein

Christiane  has been with AIESEC Alumni Europe since the beginning and acted as VP Com in previous years. Chris spent her AIESEC years (1999-2005) in Leipzig in exchange and as LCP. She also volunteered for AIESEC Donetsk (Ukraine) and AIESEC Bologna (Italy). Since 2009, Christiane has been active as an alumna and has been President of AIESEC Alumni Germany from 2013-2018. Professionally, Chris is a Principal Research Analyst in the Automotive industry.

Vice President Communications

Jean Paul Kenmoe

Jean Paul is a Corporate Trainer and Communications Expert, he has over 10 years of training experience with a special focus on people capacity development, Leadership and Corporate Communications. He joined AIESEC in 2007 in Yaounde, Cameroon, and has served the organization at various capacities in local, national and international level. Furthermore Jean Paul was part of the Sustainable Development Unit and Global Education Unit teams for AIESEC International from 2010-2012. Jean Paul did a one year professional internship in Germany through AIESEC Cologne in 2012 and a three month volunteer internship in Bulgaria through AIESEC Sofia. Jean Paul joined AAE Management Team in November 2018 as Communications Manager and since November 2019 he is serving at the board as Vice President Communications.

Vice President HR & Knowledge Management

Daniela Tisca

Daniela’s AIESEC experience took from April 2007 to May 2012. She was involved in HR (People development/ Talent Management/ Training) being responsible for selection, training, retention. She co-founded AIESEC Arad, Romania, while covering areas such as Talent Management, Outgoing Exchange and Training. Professionally, Daniela currently works as an internal recruiter for Amazon on EMEA site launches. Her work experience includes further HR positions doing from recruitment strategy, training, development of personnel, administrative tasks, to giving counseling to management on topics related to HR.
Furthermore, several AIESEC Alumni support the EB in Management Team position.