Christiane STEIN

Christiane has been with AIESEC Alumni Europe since the beginning and acted as VP Com and VP NAA Growth & Alumni Theme Programme in previous years. Chris spent her AIESEC years (1999-2005) in Leipzig in exchange and as LCP. She also volunteered for AIESEC Donetsk (Ukraine) and AIESEC Bologna (Italy). Since 2009, Christiane has been active as an alumna and has been President of AIESEC Alumni Germany from 2013-2018. In 2021, Chris was elected President of AIESEC Alumni Europe. Professionally, Chris is an Associate Director in the Automotive industry.

Vice President Communications


Jean Paul KENMOE

Jean Paul joined AIESEC in 2007 in Yaounde, Cameroon, and has served the organization at various capacities in local, national and international level. Furthermore Jean Paul was part of the Sustainable Development Unit and Global Education Unit teams for AIESEC International from 2010-2012. Jean Paul did a one year professional internship in Germany through AIESEC Cologne in 2012 and a three month volunteer internship in Bulgaria through AIESEC Sofia. Jean Paul joined AAE Team in November 2018 as Communications Manager and was the VP Communications for the mandate 2019-2021.

Jean Paul is a Corporate Trainer and Communications Expert, he has over 12 years of training experience with a special focus on people capacity development, Leadership and Corporate Communications. He currently works as AP Coordinator for a multinational company in France.


Vice President Finance



Irma joined AIESEC in 2008 and held positions as Team Leader, OCP and MC VP Finance of AIESEC in Bosnia and Herzegovina. She works at the International Labour Organization and she is a doctoral student in Economics at the University of Innsbruck.

Vice President Partnerships


Michael ILLERT

Michael joined AIESEC in 2000 in the LC of Jena, Germany and his first leadership role was LCVP Learning after which he became LCP. At the end of his LCP term Michael wanted to take more responsibility and run for MCVP for Germany and was indeed MCVP External Relations in 2003/04. In his role as MCVP he was responsible for Germany`s national partners group and worked tirelessly on acquiring sponsors for the IC in Germany. As an alumnus Michael is still passioned about AIESEC and its vision. He is the speaker of the National Partners Group in Germany and is excited about his term in the board of AIESEC Alumni Europe. Professionally, Michael is the Lead Partner of Frazer Jones – The SR Group for Europe and lives now in the Netherlands.

Vice President Tech



Kate joined AIESEC Banska Bystrica in 2000 and held positions as Teamleader, OC, OCP, VP Outgoing Exchange and member of National trainers team. She finished her active AIESEC career in 2005 with internship in Estonia. Kate is involved in Alumni activities since 2016. She has served as OCP of ERAC 2019 and as President of AIESEC Alumni Slovakia since 2019.

Vice President NAA Growth



Jude currently works as a Senior Application Specialist at Givaudan. He joined AIESEC Jos (Nigeria) in 2009, voluntered on multiple projects for AIESEC Cheikh, SENEGAL (2009), AIESEC AIESEC INSTEC- Abidjan, COTE D’IVOIRE (2010) and AIESEC Navi Mumbai, INDIA (2013). He was a founding member of AIESEC Benue, served as Member Committee for Exchanges in AIESEC in Benin (2014-2015), Member Committee President of AIESEC in Benin (2015-2016), Sub-regional Chair for West and Central Africa(2015/2016).


Furthermore, several AIESEC Alumni support the EB in Management Team position.