Remarkable 20 Years of AIESEC Friendships

We crossed paths in Mumbai back in 2003, brought together by the AIESEC Internship Programme. Hailing from diverse corners of the globe, our group is a vibrant tapestry of continents, countries, and backgrounds. We also looked at the world in a positive way.

We were all AIESEC trainees, driven not only by the desire to advance our careers, but also by the yearning to immerse into the intricacies of Indian culture. Those days were a whirlwind, both in our professional pursuits and personal lives. While our AIESEC internships lasted only a handful of months for most, the impact of that experience has endured across time, shaping our lives to this day.

Our group gatherings generally have evolved in size over the years, yet the thread of continuity has remained unbroken. 

From Hong Kong in 2008 

to Vienna in 2010, 

then Berlin in 2013, 

Cologne in 2017, 

Berlin again in 2019, 

and then Amsterdam in 2022, our connections have thrived. 

The fruit of these connections is remarkable. Six cross-cultural marriages have blossomed while giving rise to thirteen children who effortlessly talk in multiple languages. Their friendships perpetuate our legacy into the next generation.

This upcoming New Year’s Eve, we will celebrate together in Poprad, Slovakia, 20 years of being friends. To sum up, our group shows how important AIESEC’s values and vision are because they’ve helped us to stay connected and strong over all these years.

Magda Zawodny Barabanow 

2003: Intern India 

2023: Innovation Manager at Berlin Partner