In 1948, a group of visionary people from different countries came together to create and promote actions for peace and fulfillment of humankind’s potential. And that’s how AIESEC was born!

In Europe, we are now going through challenging times of crisis. In the unfortunate context of the war in Ukraine, we have decided to get back to basics and to redesign the agenda of ERAC on LEADING FOR PEACE.

AIESEC Alumni are change agents, leaders in their countries, businesses, and communities. It is time to come together and build solutions for a better shared future, based on AIESEC values – peace, collaboration, respect, and intercultural understanding.

Join us at ERAC, between 26 -29 May, in Bucharest and be part of the most important mission for all of us: LEADING FOR PEACE.

We aim to:

– Promote solutions for interpersonal conflict management

– Elaborate ideas and projects for a better common future

– Achieve results, tangible contributions to take back home

– Collaborate on international projects

– Elevate our joint response to the global challenges.

We welcome all AIESEC Alumni who believe in the unique power and potential of our Global Community.

Register now and join us at ERAC 2022!


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